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Juliana García-Mejía

Center for Astrophysics


Juliana García-Mejía is a final year graduate student at the CfA, as well as a Ford Foundation and NSF Fellow. Her research is focused on the development of novel astronomical instrumentation to enable the study of exoplanets, M dwarfs, and eventually the search for biosignatures on other planets. She is the PI of The Tierras Observatory, a new 1.3m ultra-precise fully-automated photometric observatory located atop Mt. Hopkins, Arizona. She is also a co-investigator in the FIOS project, a Fabry-Perot instrument designed for use on the Giant Magellan Telescope to detect oxygen in exoplanet atmospheres. Juliana is invested in promoting equity and inclusion within Astronomy and STEM, with particular attention towards engaging young Colombian students with the millenary question of whether life exists elsewhere in the Universe. This goal is embedded into the name of the Tierras observatory, as well as its logo. In her spare time, Juliana enjoys reading, cycling, training for triathlons, and dancing.

Harvard College '17, Harvard Astronomy PhD (2017 - Present)