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SAO Employment Opportunities

The  Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory opportunities listed below are currently open. Please apply separately for each position following the Application Procedure described in the job posting.

Please click the Posting Number for a detailed description.

Number Division/Department Job Description, Grade, Salary Range
Posting 24-25 Central Engineering Program Manager, IS-0340, Grade 13; $116,820 to $151,870 annually
Posting 24-38 Atomic and Molecular Physics Business Operations Manager, IS-0301, Grade 14; $138,046 to $179,462 annually
Posting 24-42 SAO Business Operation Services Supervisory Accountant (Business Operations Services), IS-0510, Grade 14; $138,046 to $179,462 annually
Posting 24-33 Central Engineering Mechanical Engineer, IS-0830, Grade 12; $98,240 to $127,707 annually
Posting 24-37 SAO Research Administrative Services Research Proposal Development Administrator, IS-0301, Grade 13; $116,820 - $151,870 per year
Posting 24-40 SAO Research Administrative Services Contracting Officer (Supervisor Research Services), IS-1102, Grade 14; $138,046 - $179,462 per year
Posting 24-41 SAO Budget and Financial Analysis Services Financial Analyst, IS-501, Grade 11; $81,963 - $106,549 per year