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American Academy of Arts and Sciences

For over 225 years, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences has been honoring excellence and providing service to the nation and the world. Through independent, nonpartisan study, its ranks of distinguished "scholar-patriots" have brought the arts and sciences into constructive interplay with the leaders of both the public and private sectors.

Current CfA Members

  • Charles Alcock

  • Alexander Dalgarno

  • George Field

  • Margaret Geller

  • Owen Gingerich

  • Lars Hernquist

  • John Huchra

  • Robert Kirshner

  • David Latham

  • Avi Loeb

  • James Moran

  • Irwin Shapiro

  • Patrick Thaddeus

  • John Wood


Rumford Prize

  • James Moran, Jr. - 1971 (a member of the MIT VLBI group awarded the prize jointly with groups from Canada and NRAO-Cornell)

  • Harlow Shapley - 1933

  • Charles Greeley Abbot - 1915

  • Edward Charles Pickering - 1891

  • Samuel Pierpont Langley - 1886