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CfA Seminars

The CfA Seminars aim to provide opportunities for early-career researchers to present their work on exciting and diverse topics that will alternate between "Galaxies & Cosmology" one week, followed by "Stars & Planets" the next.

Date Speaker Title
2022-02-02 Danny Horta Darrington Unveiling the mass assembly history of the Milky Way via its stellar halo
2022-02-02 Amirnezam Amiri Measuring gas metallicities with a new, multiple component photoionization model
2022-02-09 Bryce Bolin Establishing the population of asteroids inside the orbit of Venus
2022-02-09 Mike Grudić STARFORGE: Insights from a reasonably realistic star formation simulation
2022-02-16 Jed McKinney All Gas No Brakes: New insight into star-formation in distant galaxies from multiple probes of the interstellar medium
2022-02-16 Madeline Marshall Unveiling Stellar Light from the Host Galaxies of High-Redshift Quasars
2022-02-23 Cherry Ng Interferometric SETI searches with the Breakthrough Listen initiative
2022-02-23 Tamar Faran Shock breakout emission following stellar explosions
2022-03-02 Doug Pinckney Progress Towards HeRALD: The Helium Roton Apparatus for Light Dark Matter
2022-03-02 Bryan Terrazas Pathways for improving black hole feedback models in galaxy formation simulations
2022-03-09 Kevin Burdge Systematically identifying ultracompact binaries and other short-period variables in wide field time domain surveys
2022-03-16 Jonathan McDowell A Sky Full of Satellites: The changing orbital population and the impact of megaconstellations on astronomy
2022-03-16 Amir Hossein Souri Quantifying Changes in Man-made Emissions During the 2020 Lockdown Using Satellite Observations
2022-03-23 Gwen Rudie The Magellan Infrared Multi-object Spectrograph (MIRMOS)
2022-03-23 Andrew Newman Protoclusters in the Lyman-alpha Tomography IMACS Survey (LATIS)
2022-03-30 Eric Koch Introducing the Local Group L-band Survey (LGLBS): Atomic ISM Physics, Supernova Remnants, and HII Regions in our Nearest Neighbors
2022-03-30 Leon Golub Improving Space Weather Forecasting with EUV Observations
2022-04-06 Thomas Beatty Commissioning JWST From Launch to Science Operations
2022-04-06 Clara Vergès Updated Constraints on Primordial Gravitational Waves using Planck, WMAP, and BICEP/Keck Observations through the 2018 Observing Season
2022-04-13 Alexander Gagliano Fast Transient Studies from Massive Survey Streams: How We Enable Them, and What We Can Learn
2022-04-13 Daichi Hiramatsu The Electron-Capture Supernova 2018zd
2022-04-20 Kirk Barrow The Benefits of Generalized Radiative Transfer Modelling of the ISM in the Time Domain
2022-04-20 Giulia Giannini Dark Energy Survey Year 3 Results: Impact on cosmology of using color and clustering for the redshift calibration of the MagLim lens sample
2022-04-27 Rafael Martin Domenech A closer look at the organic chemistry in the Serpens star-forming cloud
2022-04-27 Martin Tschöpe Adaptable Infrared Line List Calculation for Medium Sized Molecules
2022-05-04 Kishalay De From milliseconds to decades: The dynamic Galactic Plane unveiled with infrared time domain surveys