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High Energy Seminars

Date Speaker Title
2023-09-06 Debatri Chattopadhyay Double black hole mergers in nuclear star clusters: eccentricities, spins, masses, and the growth of massive seeds
2023-09-06 Athiray Panchapakesan The MaGIXS sounding rocket experiment – Calibration and Science from the first rocket flight
2023-09-13 Yeimy Rivera 3D MHD Time-Dependent Charge State Ionization and Recombination Modeling of the Bastille Day Coronal Mass Ejection
2023-09-13 Axel Donath Joint Likelihood Deconvolution of Astronomical Images in the Presence of Poisson Noise
2023-09-20 Giulia Cerini New Metrics To Probe The Dynamical State Of Galaxy Clusters
2023-09-20 Anna Wolter A Cartwheel of ULX
2023-10-04 Marcella Brusa The multiphase nature of outflows: from the launching region to the host galaxy
2023-10-04 Andrea Sacchi X-ray puzzle in NGC 300: IMBH snacking or BH-WR dancing?
2023-10-11 Weiwei XU The latest results from the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer experiment
2023-10-11 Amir Sharon Constraining supernovae models using gamma-ray deposition histories
2023-10-16 Riccardo Arcodia X-ray quasi-periodic eruptions from the nuclei of low-mass galaxies
2023-10-16 Kishalay De Discovery of a planetary engulfment event in the Galactic disk
2023-11-01 Alessandro Peca Unveiling the Dark Side of the Universe: Harnessing the Power of Big Data to Reveal a Hidden and Heavly Obscured AGN Population
2023-11-01 Amy Secunda Probing Accretion Disk Structure Beyond the Standard Thin Disk Model
2023-11-08 Patricia Cho Laboratory tests of astrophysical black hole accretion disk plasma models using the Z-machine at Sandia National Laboratories
2023-11-08 Paola Dominguez Fernandez Modelling synchrotron emission in galaxy clusters
2023-11-09 Mukul Bhattacharya **Special Seminar** Title: Heavy element nucleosynthesis & energetic neutrinos from highly magnetized outflows
2023-11-15 Akos Bogdan Detecting the First Supermassive Black Holes: A Chandra-JWST Synergy
2023-11-15 Jung-Tsung Li Small-Scale Magnetic Fields are Critical to Shaping Solar Gamma-Ray Emission
2023-11-29 Ping Zhou Imaging X-ray polarimetry of supernova remnants
2023-12-06 Gene Leung TBA
2023-12-06 Sandra Raimundo Fuelling supermassive black holes with galaxy interactions