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High Energy Seminars

Date Speaker Title
2022-01-26 Erwin Lau Modeling Galaxy Clusters with Baryon Pasting for Multiwavelength Surveys
2022-01-26 Urmila Chadayammuri Resolving the X-ray luminous atmospheres of isolated galaxies
2022-02-02 Stefano Marchesi Distant and obscured supermassive black holes: discovering the missing AGN populations with current deep surveys and next-generation X-ray telescopes
2022-02-02 Annalisa Bonafede Magnetic field and particle acceleration in galaxy clusters: News from LOFAR observations of the Coma cluster
2022-02-09 Mainak Singha Compact radio jet is in action: jet-outflow connection unveiled by the Close AGN Reference Survey (CARS)
2022-02-09 Pratik Dabhade Decoding the largest radio galaxies in the Universe
2022-02-16 Martin Weisskopf A New Mission, the Imaging X-ray Polarimetry Explorer: An Overview
2022-02-23 Renee Ludlam Radius Constraints from NICER-NuSTAR observations of the NS LMXB Cygnus X-2
2022-02-23 Rafael Martinez Galarza Data science as a tool for discovery in X-ray datasets: the case of the Chandra Source Catalog
2022-03-02 Brian Williams The X-Ray Imaging and Spectroscopy Mission
2022-03-09 Arran Gross Variability of Accretion Sources in the Galaxy Haro 11
2022-03-09 Tim Linden Evidence for a New Component of Solar Gamma-Ray Emission
2022-03-23 Natalie Hell Laboratory X-ray astrophysics with the LLNL electron beam ion trap
2022-03-23 Chintan Shah Laboratory X-ray astrophysics experiments with electron beam ion traps and synchrotron radiation
2022-03-30 Hans Moritz Guenther X-ray emission from candidate stellar merger remnant TYC 2597-735-1 and its Blue Ring Nebula
2022-03-30 Kristina Monsch Connecting the disk dispersal phase to magnetic morphology-driven stellar spin down
2022-04-06 Yvette Cendes New Discoveries in Late-Time Emission from Tidal Disruption Events (TDEs)
2022-04-06 Dieter Horns Magnetic field in the Crab Nebula
2022-04-13 Josh Grindlay A HEA Decadal Program for TDA
2022-04-20 Guang Yang CIGALE: a versatile code for SED fitting
2022-04-20 Marco Ajello The gamma-ray emission of Galaxy Outflows
2022-04-27 John Tomsick The Compton Spectrometer and Imager Project for MeV Astronomy
2022-05-04 Alysa Rogers Resolving Distant Objects via Gravitational Lensing
2022-05-04 Ruoyu Liu Ultrahigh-energy Gamma-ray Sources Revealed by LHAASO
2022-05-11 Barbara Ercolano Barbara Ercolano, Title: TBA
2022-05-11 Jun Yang Jun Yang, Title: TBA