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High Energy Seminars

Date Speaker Title
2023-01-25 Francis Halzen IceCube: High-Energy Cosmic Neutrinos and their First Sources
2023-01-25 Sam Badman Tracking a beam of electrons from the low solar corona into interplanetary space with the Low Frequency Array, Parker Solar Probe and 1 au spacecraft
2023-02-01 Xiurui Zhao Active Galactic Nuclei in the NuSTAR Era
2023-02-01 Jillian Rastinejad Exciting Insights on NS Merger Counterpart Diversity from Observations of GRBs
2023-02-08 Katharine Reeves Katharine Reeves, Title: TBA
2023-02-15 Guido Risaliti Guido Risaliti, Title: TBA
2023-02-15 Navin Sridhar Navin Sridhar, Title: TBA
2023-02-22 Randall Smith Randall Smith, Title: TBA
2023-02-27 Ryan Pfeifle Ryan Pfeifle, Title: TBA
2023-02-27 Irina Zhuravleva Irina Zhuravleva, Title: TBA
2023-03-08 Giulia Migliori Giulia Migliori, Title: TBA
2023-03-08 Cori Fletcher Cori Fletcher, Title: TBA
2023-03-22 Paolo Lipari Paolo Lipari, Title: TBA
2023-03-22 Christopher Moore Christopher Moore, Title: TBA
2023-04-05 Ayş​egül Tümer Ayş​egül Tümer, Title: TBA
2023-04-12 Kaya Mori Kaya Mori, Title: TBA
2023-04-12 Genevieve Schroeder Genevieve Schroeder, Title: TBA
2023-04-19 Yuanyuan Su Yuanyuan Su, Title: TBA
2023-04-26 Thomas Tauris Thomas Tauris, Title: TBA
2023-04-26 Nhut Truong Nhut Truong, Title: TBA
2023-05-03 Will Zhang Will Zhang, Title: TBA
2023-05-10 Nuria Torres-Alba Nuria Torres-Alba, Title: TBA
2023-05-10 Athanasios Papaioannou Athanasios Papaioannou, Title: TBA
2023-05-17 Southampton Student Presentations