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High Energy Seminars

Date Speaker Title
2022-09-14 Jenna Samra High-Altitude Instrumentation for Infrared Observations of the Solar Corona
2022-09-14 Sarah Trowbridge Heine REDSoX: The Rocket Experiment Demonstration of a Soft X-ray Polarimeter
2022-09-21 Laura Brenneman STROBE-X: Revealing Fundamental Physics via the Life-Cycles of Compact Objects and the Dynamic Universe
2022-09-28 Griffin Hosseinzadeh Very Early Supernova Observations as Unique Probes of their Progenitor Systems
2022-09-28 Priyanka Chakraborty X-ray spectroscopy in the microcalorimeter era with Cloudy
2022-10-05 Ole Koenig X-ray detection of a nova in the fireball phase (König et al., Nature 605, 248, 2022)
2022-10-05 Roberto Gilli Cosmic evolution of the interstellar medium density and its role in hiding early supermassive black holes
2022-10-12 Chris Reynolds Chris Reynolds, Title: TBA
2022-10-19 Jingyi Wang Jingyi Wang, Title: TBA
2022-10-19 Giorgio Lanzuisi Giorgio Lanzuisi, Title: TBA
2022-10-24 Julia Sisk-Reynes *Special Seminar* Julia Sisk-Reynes, Title: TBA
2022-10-26 Abygail Waggoner Abygail Waggoner, Title: TBA
2022-10-26 Tim Cunningham Tim Cunningham, Title: TBA
2022-11-02 Matteo Bonetti Matteo Bonetti, Title: TBA
2022-11-02 Maciek Wielgus Maciek Wielgus, Title: TBA
2022-11-09 Hiromasa Suzuki Hiromasa Suzuki, Title TBA
2022-11-09 Ruth Daly Ruth Daly, Title: TBA
2022-11-16 Paul Green Paul Green, Title: TBA
2022-11-16 Lea Marcotulli Lea Marcotulli, Title: TBA
2022-11-21 Brendan O'Connor *Special Seminar* Brendan O'Connor, Title: TBA
2022-11-30 John Grant Mitchell John Grant Mitchell, Title: TBA
2022-11-30 Qian Yang Qian Yang, Title: TBA
2022-12-14 Daniel Stern Daniel Stern, Title: TBA