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Alex Griswold

Center for Astrophysics
Research Associate


Alex Griswold has been a Smithsonian Research Associate in the Science Education Department (SED) since 2014. A documentary and educational multimedia producer, Mr. Griswold first started producing and directing documentary films as a teenager growing up in Puerto Rico. As an undergraduate at Harvard College (A.B. '76), he studied film with a focus on visual anthropology, going on to produce independent television programs about migration and cultural assimilation, including “La Fiebre de Irse," a documentary about the two-way migration of an extended Puerto Rican family. After working in the broadcast television and feature film industry, he began an association with the Center for Astrophysics in 1987, contributing to the ground-breaking video about misconceptions in science learning, “A Private Universe.” From 2004-2013, he was Executive Producer at the SED's Science Media Group, responsible for videos, websites, on-line courses, and professional development programs addressing key challenges in astronomy and other areas of science education. Science Media Group programming has been recognized with numerous prizes and awards, including the Webby Award and the AAAS SPORE Prize for on-line science education. Current research focus is producing a public-TV documentary exploring public disbelief in science, as well as multimedia for interactive museum displays, on-line courses, teacher education, and education and public outreach programs.

Harvard College, A.B., 1976