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Dan Catropa

Center for Astrophysics
Opto-Mechanical Systems / Project Engineer


I serve as project engineer at SAO for the Acquisition Guiding and Wavefront Sensing System (AGWS) for the Giant Magellan Telescope (GMT). This system is at the heart of the GMT and is responsible for making the measurements required to keep the optics of the 25.4 meter seven-segment telescope coaligned, phased, pointing in the correct direction, and conforming to the correct mirror shape. In this capacity I am involved with nearly all aspects of the project and make specific technical contributions to opto-mechanical design, systems engineering, structural and thermal design and analysis, mechanism design, servo and motion control systems, program planning and hands-on hardware execution through assembly, integration and test. This position challenges me with the responsibility of balancing technical, schedule, and budget priorities to achieve overall project success.

Master of Engineering, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Cornell; Masters of Science in Engineering Management, Tufts