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Peter Edmonds

Center for Astrophysics
Senior Astrophysicist


Peter Edmonds has been the press scientist for NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory since 2003, and is a senior astrophysicist at CfA. He leads the selection of papers for Chandra publicity, and works on the production of press releases, images, illustrations and other outreach material. This has included pitching and producing NASA press conferences to communicate Chandra’s most exciting results. He also worked in public affairs for CfA, highlighted by communicating results from the first neutron star merger detected by LIGO in 2017, and the first image of a black hole, taken with the EHT in 2019. Before working in publicity, Peter earned a PhD in astrophysics from the University of Sydney in Australia. He then undertook postdoctoral fellowships at Space Telescope Science Institute and CfA, where he worked on globular clusters using Hubble and Chandra data. He has also worked on the science section of Chandra’s proposals for NASA’s Senior Review.

PhD, University of Sydney