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Philippe Reekie

Center for Astrophysics
Communication and Outreach Specialist


With over 11 years of dedicated experience in planetary science, astrobiology, and astronomy, Philippe excels in organizing captivating science outreach events for Harvard’s Center for Astrophysics. His commitment extends to fostering connections with diverse audiences and promoting diversity within STEM fields. Philippe's ultimate passion lies in translating complex scientific concepts into accessible narratives, utilizing various media platforms to bridge the gap between intricate ideas and the public, making science universally engaging. His science communication impact is evidenced by multiple publications, accolades from impactful presentations, and invitations to esteemed universities. Recognized by platforms like The Guardian and SciFeed, Philippe's communication prowess is complemented by achievements in fundraising, notably a $700K crowdfunding campaign for an educational board game. Fueled by a fervent desire for continuous improvement, he aims to amplify his influence as a science communicator, outreach specialist, and advocate for public engagement.

Astrobiology MPhil, Astrobiology MSc by Research, Planetary Science with Astronomy BSc