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Dillon Brout

Center for Astrophysics


I am an observational cosmologist currently on a NASA Einstein postdoctoral fellowship here at the CfA. I am driven each day by the desire to understand dark energy, dark matter, and the dynamics, origin, and fate of the cosmos. I largely focus on using Type Ia supernovae to map the dynamics of the universe from the present day to more than three quarters of the way to the big bang. A significant portion of my time is also spent mining through extremely large survey datasets and working on advances in machine learning, statistics, simulations, modeling, and image processing. I am an active member of DES, DESI, Rubin-LSST, and SH0ES, and I founded the Pantheon+ and DEBASS collaborations.

I'm also a dad and I like to play jazz saxophone! 

University of Pennsylvania (PhD), Johns Hopkins University (BS)