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Margaret Geller

Center for Astrophysics


Geller is best known for her pioneering maps of the distribution of galaxies in the nearby universe. Together with COBE observations of fluctuations in the microwave background, these maps profoundly changed the view of large-scale structure in the universe. Geller has also made substantial contributions to the study of galaxies and their environment. She has developed and applied techniques for measuring the matter distribution in clusters of galaxies. She is currently working on a deeper map of the galaxy distribution called HectoMAP. Geller is a fellow of the APS and the AAAS. She is a member of the National Academy of Sciences and of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. She received a MacArthur Fellowship (1990), the Magellanic Premium (2008), the James Craig Watson Medal (2010), the Russell Lectureship (2010), the Lilienfeld Prize (2013), and the Schwarzschild Medal (2014). She is a Library Lion of the New York Public Library (1997) and she has received 7 honorary degrees.