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Federico Fraschetti

Center for Astrophysics


Federico Fraschetti received his PhD in Astrophysics at Univ. of Trento and Univ. of Rome La Sapienza in Italy in 2004 with a thesis on ultra-relativistic shocks that was awarded the Pietro Tacchini Prize from the Italian Astronomical Society. He has wide interests in space physics, high energy astrophysics and laboratory astrophysics: particle acceleration at (non-)relativistic shocks (GRBs, supernova remnant shocks, and interplanetary shocks), particle transport in (heliospheric and exoplanetary) turbulence. He has joined the Parker Solar Probe SWEAP team to continue his research on space plasma physics, and continues other astrophysics projects (Chandra, Fermi/LAT, ACE, Wind, TESS, Kepler). Outside of work, he loves to spend time in nature with family, swimming, playing violin and cooking.