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Gerhard Sonnert

Center for Astrophysics
Research Associate, Lecturer


I am a sociologist of science. In the Science Education Department, I have worked on several large empirical studies in STEM education, and particularly about gender aspects in STEM. I also teach a course on astrosociology in the Astronomy Department. Before coming to the CfA in 2006, I was at the Harvard Physics Department and carried out a major project about the situation of women in science, which resulted in two books, Gender Differences in Science Careers, and Who Succeeds in Science?: The Gender Dimension, both 1995, with G. Holton. My other interests include science policy (Ivory Bridges: Connecting Science and Society, 2002, with G. Holton), history of science (Einstein and Culture, 2005), and migration (What Happened to the Children Who Fled Nazi Persecution, 2006, with G. Holton).