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Jessica Mink

Center for Astrophysics
Astronomical Software Developer


Jessica Mink has developed astronomical software at MIT, Cornell, and the Center for Astrophysics. Along the way she studied the Moon, Mars and the rings of Uranus, Saturn, and Neptune and wrote data reduction and analysis programs and pipelines for five optical spectrographs, including one of the first digital ones, a Space Shuttle-borne infrared telescope, astrographic plates, and several high-speed photometers. She tries to travel everywhere by bicycle, foot, canoe, or kayak and works to create bicycle and pedestrian transportation networks and to preserve urban open space. She is a transgender parent of an activist daughter and is involved in diversity and inclusion work in astronomy and elsewhere. She also teaches religious history and sings in the choir at her Unitarian Church. She doesn't sleep very much...

MIT SB 1973, SM 1974