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Joshua Bennett Lovell

Center for Astrophysics
SMA Postdoctoral Fellow


Josh is a Submillimeter Array (SMA) Postdoctoral Fellow at the Center for Astrophysics Harvard-Smithsonian, which he took on after successfully defending his PhD Thesis in 2022 (Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge). In his Fellowship, he is advancing work on observational aspects of planetesimal disk formation and evolution, primarily working at sub-/millimeter wavelengths with the SMA and ALMA. His research forms two main tranches; 1) studying the evolution of young disks and disk populations to understand how planetesimal belts form (around class II and III stars), and 2) investigations of debris disk morphologies to understand how planetesimal belts evolve in the context of planet-disk interactions.

Undergraduate: University of Cambridge (Physical Natural Sciences); Masters: University of Cambridge (Astrophysics); PhD: University of Cambridge (Astronomy)