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Steven Silverberg

Center for Astrophysics
Astrophysicist (Postdoctoral Fellow)


Steven Silverberg is a postdoctoral fellow in the High-Energy Astrophysics division, working on young stars and the planet-forming material around them. His research focuses on the connections between stellar activity and circumstellar disk evolution. He is the Principal Investigator of Disk Detective, an ongoing project to mine new circumstellar disk hosts out of the AllWISE catalog via citizen science, through the Zooniverse project. He is particularly interested in "Peter Pan" disks, long-lived disks around M dwarfs in nearby moving groups which behave as accretion disks despite ages 5-10 times the typical dispersal timescale for circumstellar accretion disks.

PhD, Physics, University of Oklahoma, 2019; MS, Physics, University of Oklahoma, 2016; BS, Astrophysics, Rice University, 2013