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Akos Bogdan

Center for Astrophysics


Dr. Akos Bogdan is an Astrophysicist at the High Energy Astrophysics Division at the CfA. He is also a member of the science staff of the Chandra X-ray Center, supporting the Chandra X-ray Observatory as a member of the Calibration team. Akos earned his Ph.D. from Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and was an Einstein Postdoctoral Fellow at the CfA. Akos has an extensive research portfolio where he mostly uses multi-wavelength data from a wide range of ground and space-based telescopes. His research focuses on galaxy formation and evolution, studies of supermassive black holes in the nearby and high-redshift universe, as well as studies of the circumgalactic medium and the warm-hot intergalactic medium. Akos is also part of the development team for new space missions such as the Line Emission Mapper (LEM) Probe concept.