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Kirsten Hall

Center for Astrophysics


I am an interdisciplinary scientist, with a Ph.D. focused on Extragalactic Astrophysics, and a 2020 Schmidt Science Fellow conducting postdoctoral research in Climate Science and Atmospheric Physics. Beginning in 2021, I will be an Submillimeter Array (SMA) Fellow here at the CfA. My current research in Climate and Atmospheric science is focused on correlations of greenhouse gases, climate modeling, and retrieval of relevant atmospheric constituents from satellite data. As an astrophysicist, I study the formation and evolution of galaxies and the large-scale structure of the Universe. I am interested in the link between dark matter and normal matter, and the roles that active supermassive black holes and high rates of star formation play in the evolution of galaxies across all of cosmic time. I have broad research interests, and enthusiasm for public outreach and science policy. I am dedicated to creating an equitable environment for all scientists.

Ph.D. Physics and Astronomy, Johns Hopkins University; B.S. Physics, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill