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Nancy Remage Evans

Center for Astrophysics


My major area of expertise has been in the exploration of the classical
Cepheid population of our galaxy, particularly their fundamental properties
(masses) and binary properties as related to star formation. This involved
observations with the IUE, HST, Chandra, FUSE, WIRE, MOST, Kepler, and
XMM satellites. I was a major contributor to the construction of the Galactic Cepheid Database. Most recently I was a staff scientist at the Chandra X-ray Center where I worked in user support and ran the Einstein (Chandra) Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program . Over my career I have taught at Erindale College of the University of Toronto, been a resident Astronomer at the IUE satellite and was associate director of the Space Astrophysics Laboratory at the Institute for Space and Terrestrial Sciences, York University .