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Antony Stark

Center for Astrophysics
Senior Astronomer


Antony Stark is a pioneer of Antarctic Astronomy and is a founder and designer of the South Pole Telelescope (SPT), which is among the most important instruments for observational cosmology. He is PI and designer of the Parallel Imager for Southern Cosmology Observations (PISCO), a photometric camera on the Magellan Clay telescope for taking fast simultaneous g, r, i, and z band images. PISCO is being used to take the first images of galaxy clusters discovered by the SPT to determine their mass by gravitational lensing analysis. PISCO is also in use by several groups from Magellan consortium institutions to study asteroids, galaxy formation, exoplanets, and X-ray sources. Stark is a member of the STO and GUSTO balloon-borne telescope teams for Milky Way and Magellanic Cloud TeraHertz spectroscopy surveys of the dominant cooling lines of the interstellar medium.